I have just installed 2 new Dimarzio pickups in my Strat. I installed the pickups with push/pull pots for series/parallel switching. Here is the wiring diagram I used:


The bridge pickup works just fine, but the neck pickup is sending no signal to the amp. All the connections I soldered look like they are going to the right places and all the connections appear solid.

Does anyone have any ideas for how to figure out what is wrong. I would loathe taking the guitar to a shop at this point, since I've already spent so long doing most of the work myself. I got both the pickups used. Is it possible for a pickup to just be faulty? How would I check?

Any help or relevant information would be greatly appreciated.
While you should go down to the Ultimate Guitar Wiring Thread, I will first point you to this: .
Check your wiring against this... (just ignore the thing about the SPST switch)