Hi guys.

I've bought a sterling jp50. It's a pretty cool guitar, save for the sound i get from it. I need something a bit more chunky when it comes to pickups than the stock ones(who are rather poor in my opinion), and as the basswood body naturally dampens the lows quite a bit, I turn to you guys to help me out.

There's no budget limit.

For the bridge position; I was thinking a Super Distortion. The typical tone i'd like from my bridge, is best described as Nicola Fassi's rock in blue. there's some sound samples on dimarzio's website on the super distortion pickup.


Now, i need a neck pickup to compliment the super distortion. the amp this is intended for, is a VoxAC15CC1 going through a GV-2 distortion, but compared to my les paul which everything is dialed in accordance with (Yes, i do know it's a solid block of mahogany vs a basswood guitar), but what i want is a pickup with a well defined high to pronounce my playing, as i mainly play solo instrumentals, but not to the point where it will sound harsh, and it's vital that the tone will have some substance to build it up when i'm playing alone, so it doesn't sound 'naked'. I'm not limited to any brand, and i was thinking of a burstbucker, but does anyone have any experience with how these sound in basswood bodies?

Also a quick question.

As i mentioned, the guitar is a Sterling JP 50. Is this regular or f-spacing?
I have a Rockfield Fatass in my Ibanez, it's basswood, through any decent amp, it sounds incredible, it's also only $60 ($50 when I got it . . but it went up).

As for you f-space issue, unless you have a Floyd or similar tremolo, it shouldn't be f-spaced.
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It's a sterling original floating trem. I don't know wether that means it's f-spaced or not?
DiMarzio PAF Joe... if your amp isn't really dark. I've got it in my JS1200, and while it's made for basswood guitars, it can sound a little muddy through dark amps (or just ones that aren't that great... I dunno). Otherwise it's great and I recommend it.
F-spaced just means that the pole-pieces are further apart than normal, so that the string spacing is the same as the pole-piece spacing, evidently giving better tone, if you look o nthe ultimate wiring thread, Jim states that by his experiences, there really is no difference, so I would take his word for it. So, either should work with similar results. I would have to guess that since it's a floating bridge, it's going to be F-spaced.
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thanks alot ice condition!! your the breast!

The best bosom in all of UG.