so i'm looking for opinions on a guitar and an amp.

for a guitar i'm looking for a les paul like body and tone. I prefer a fat neck (but not necessary), mahogany body, maple top, sustain, etc.

As far as amps go, I'm looking for a really good clean channel. I'm not too picky about one or two channels, just as long as the cleans are really good. My distortion tone comes almost entirely from my fuzz and overdrive pedals, so i'm not too worried about a distortion channel. I also want a lot of headroom. I need my cleans to stay clean and distortion free at high volumes. Tube amps are preferable.

budget: 800 USD (each).
genres: blues, hard/classic/progressive/alternative/stoner rock. I don't really play metal.
location: southern/central california

i think i've covered all my bases. Thanks for any suggestions.
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you could look into a PRS singlecut they look like a les paul sorta. ive heard great things about the fender twins clean channel...maybe you could look at those. the only other lp shape would be esp ec but that has emg's so that aint gonna go good for ur style.
Agile AL-3100, some of the Epiphone Special Editions for this year are pretty good, used Gibson Studio, Ibanez AR series; these are what spring to mind for your price range.

If you want something with supreme cleans then why not just grab a Fender Twin or, if you want to save some more money, a HRD? Both have good cleans and take pedals well.
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Here's a link for the one and only Gibson Les Paul Studio. It is $799 for one or two of the worn finishes and that's exactly what you asked for in the price range. I mean it doesn't get any better than that. Here's the link:

As far as amps go, I'm doing research myself to see if a Bugera V22 for $349 would be good for me. There is a shoot-out by The Tone King on Youtube I'm about to watch with it in there. It is a tube combo amp with 2 channels, digital reverb I believe, and a 12" inch speaker driving at 22 watts max output. It comes with a foot switch for channels and reverb I believe. It has three 12AX7 valves and two EL84 valves. It also has a nice vintage look to it and the option to add an additional cab if needed. Here's the link for it also:

Good luck on whatever you may decide to go with! Oh by the way I'm looking into the Schecter Tempest which is not exactly a traditional Les Paul style body but has the same sorts of features with coil tapping. It is like a modern take on the body style in an actual style of it's own but the pickups are active EMG's which probably rule it out for you but good luck on your journey.