I am currently on the market for a clean amp. I right now have my need fulfilled for lead and some rhythm applications with my custom 1/4 watt combo.

My requirements:
-$200 or under
-I can go used (ebay and craigslist)
-Only needs to compete with 1/4 watt distorted, so only up to 5 watts

I have had a few amps that i've looked at, but nothing thats proven alot better than the rest. I've been looking at the Bugera V5, Crate V5, Epiphone Valve Junior, and Fender Champ.

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HT-5 Owners Thread

Owner of an 1/4 watt custom combo.

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Blackstar HT combo around $200?
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Your budget isn't really a help.

Save like another $100 dollars and buy the Fender Super Champ XD.
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