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im trying to think of a song that would work for this high school show. I want the song to be full of raw energy. Something that would draw someone in even if they dont know the song. Im thinking along the lines of racontuers, smashing pumpkins, white stripes, but i cant come up with the right song. Any suggestions?
Steady As She Goes or Tonight Tonight or 7 nation army.
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Smoke on the Water ololol

Also, screw the solo, all we want to hear is the riff.
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Searchbar Blues?
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Black Betty by Ram Jam
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I really like Today by the Pumpkins. I think that's catchy and has a nice melody, but then the chorus also has a bit of grit and power.
My band is doing the Oops I did It Again cover by Children of Bodom it's got a pretty sweet solo but we think it must be scream sung since we are making fun of it.
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Silverchair - Tommorow

STP - Crackerman

Faith No More - Falling to Pieces

Bush - Machinehead

Win. Avoid indie stuff.
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stars- hum


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Smells like teen spirit - Nirvana? High energy, everybody knows it, and you won't **** up since its so easy.
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Smells like teen spirit - Nirvana? High energy, everybody knows it, and you won't **** up since its so easy.

It would be a good idea if it wasn't so overplayed.
Sweet Child of Mine, Freebird, Crazy train
As overplayed as songs like those are, the majority of people will think your god if you pull it off, real musicians might not respect you up front but they will down inside, high school musicians are usually full of themselves and think that they are better than everyone else.

EDIT: And they show you have talent.
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salute your solution by the raconteurs!!!!!!

Pretty much. This song is nothing but pure energy. Go for it.
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"Naive" by The Kooks

I played this with my band for a talent show and we added a reggae and a jazz section with free-form scatting and soloing.

They ate it up.
How about the Alien Ant Farm version of Smooth Criminal or Jet's Are You Gonna Be My Girl?
That really depends on how much "talent" you have...

But i like the suggestion of Stars by Hum, good song, and i second Cherub Rock.
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Fires Burning
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cherub rock

its insanely fun to play live.

I whole-heartedly agree with this man.
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I am going eith the guy who said Today by The Smashing Pumpkins. That or Cherub Rock.
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