Posted this in the bass forum, someone suggested I put this here.

How can I take a bass that looks like this...

and make it look like this...

just the body part.
I want my bass to have no pickguard, but of course just taking of the pickguard would leave exposed electronis and empty spaces in the wood.
Any ideas?

I have another bass already, so there's no risk here. Don't worry about that. Just tell me how to get from point A to point B please, noasking me why I'm doing this.
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I think you would have to take everything out, then cut a piece of wood to fit inside the gap (or numerous pieces of wood) then put filler in the gaps, sand it all, reroute the pickup routes, and make route a control cavity on the back, then redo your electronics.
second pic doesnt work for me
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Not really possible - if your bass is front-routed that's tough luck!

However, you could try and get a custom pickguard that matches the body of your bass - perhaps even an extended one that covers the entire front surface!