For my AP English class, we have to write a 'window poem'. We're looking out a window, and have to write what we see, feel, etc. I've basically decided to write about the oncoming winter and the bitterness associated with.
Who wants to inspire me with some bitter cold music and poetry?
I can't see out of your window, soooooo.........

Post a picture of what you see, then I have something to work with.
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How bout you write about how looking out the window makes you think of how Coreysmonster is banned & how sad it makes you...

Nah...seriously. Try reading some Edgar Allen Poe. Doesn't get any darker than Poe.
Blacking Out the Friction and I Was a Kaleidoscope by Death Cab for Cutie certainly have a winter vibe. Also, Parallel Lines in my sig is about lonely winters
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Coldworld springs to mind.


If you dig around for the lyrics to some of his songs, I bet you'll find something very fr0stb1tten indeed.

Thats amazing
Here's what I wrote so far as I listened to this song:

I gaze upon the outside world
Snow falling down
Families falling toward isolation
Sounds of laughter and joy
replaced by a defeaning silence
Wind whistles through the trees
as a bitter cold sets in

I hate poetry and I think I'm terrible and this is a work in progress and it's not due till friday
Take a Robert Frost approach to it.

It'd be good. Depressing as hell, but good.
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Heres what I have so far, I really don't feel like writing anymore so it'll probably end up as my final draft lol

I gaze upon the outside world
Snow falling down
families falling toward isolation
Sounds of laughter and joy
Replaced by a deafening silence
Wind whistles through the trees
as a fierce cold sets in
The warm smell of decaying leaves recedes
Leaving a bleak, chilling scent in its wake
The bitter taste of an oncoming winter
Sends ripples of grief through my being
I will endure the anguish of the brutal cold
Until this icy hibernation comes to an end
Without this window...
I am forever isolated from the outside world
Feeling the numbness of ignorance
and the absence of knowledge
of the bitterness of winter just outside my window

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