Here's a bit of a song I just came up with today to go with a fun little riff I wrote. I'm gonna tweak it a bunch, as this is just a very rough draft. But tell me what you think so far.

Bridges I Burn

This is a goodbye that has waited for so long.
This is every right I've wronged.
These hollow promises, these broken bonds.

(Guitar Break)

And I'll burn you down...

I am the Fire
You're the Bridges I burn.
What once was misery
To ashes now shall turn.

This Pain fades away
Within these burning embers.
Ignite the Agony
The Failure I remember
I'll Walk across
These bridges as they burn.
I am the Fire
You're the bridges I burn.

So? Whatcha think?
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I really like it. I just picture a build up to the chorus and a badass solo somewhere in the middle lol
I picture it the same as the WatWat. Clearly you werent trying to wow us with the lyrics because of the lack of substance to the monster chorus. Admittedly the "I am Fire...To ashes now shall turn" stanza was good, I just picture it as a song with a lot of instrumentals and lyrics to give it fill in between. If you want C4C is in sig.
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