I'm thinking of getting a new guitar for Christmas.
The one I have is just a cheap one and I want to upgrade to something better after a year of playing my old one.!
Any suggestions of good guitars for about €200.? I want it to have a jack on it and a guitar that is nice to play and that sounds nice.!
Suggestions please and say why you would pick that guitar
just how cheap IS your current guitar? the €200 you want to spend is just under $300 u.s., which means most likely a laminate top and low end electronics. if you don't mind that, one of your best bets is a yamaha fx 335 or an fx370c. at least it's got the yamaha build quality and finish, which is a step up from ibanez, dean and lower cost ovations.

if you can go up just a few bucks, you could try the fender cd140Sce. i'm not a big fan of fender, but in its price range, it does have a solid top, and imo is still better than the deans, ibanez and other low cost acoustic electrics.
don't really know what kinda guitar your looking for... but I personally like ibanez and I know they make sum decent guitars for under $400. I had been playing for a year and I got an ibanez rg 120 real piece of shit guitar but it lasted me about 2 or three years where I got alot of significant work done on it.