It's that time of year

I'm sure many like myself that shop online will get into the habit of browsing for hours on end for gear, and most likely leave more than just one or two items in your virtual shopping cart - just WAITING for an excuse to click that "checkout" button.

So have you been making sure to write up your wishlist? If so then feel free to list them off here for all to see (keep it neat ^_^)

My own list is calling out to me unfortunately since I haven't bothered to treat myself for a long time- and since I've been thinking I'd like to get me a good cheap bass, I'll be forking out more than a couple of hundred for a nice hefty package to arrive in the mail this season. Along with a PA Speaker (I wonder, do those make for a good monitor? or do they color the sound too much?)

So here goes!

Rogue LX205B Series II 5-String Bass Guitar
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Behringer Eurolive B212A Active Loudspeaker

Levy's Cotton Grommet Guitar Strap

Schaller Guitar Strap Locks and Buttons

Dunlop Formula 65 Neck Cradle

D'Addario EXL170-5TP Twin Pack 5-String Bass Guitar Strings
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Just placed this order... Can you tell what I'm making?

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Unless its electronic drums.

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A pedal?

Ya, A/B.
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Unless its electronic drums.

Damn Tube, thought you were gonna keep us guessing like MC did.
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Damn Tube, thought you were gonna keep us guessing like MC did.

The only thing I really want gear-wise is a Framus Cobra but I don't think I'll have one of those anytime soon.

For Christmas, I want a nice camera
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maybe you're not saying the right things? an amp likes to know you care.

I've got a list compiled - mainly stuff for my pedalboard (MXR EQ, Pitchblack, Radial ABY, TS9) with a few other odds and ends like cables and what not.

I figure whatever I don't get for Christmas I will just buy myself after the holidays.
I've narrowed the amp down to either a Splawn Quick Rod, Friedman 'kitchen sink' modded Marshall, Bogner Ecstasy or one of David Bray's custom pieces. For the cab I'll probably get an Avatar or used Bogner 2X12.

I'm also probably gonna get a Teese RMC3, an Analogman Bi-Comp, a new delay and maybe a new chorus. The amp, the comp and the wah are pretty much set in stone while the delay and chorus probably won't happen at this point.
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Here's my wish list. Hopefully Santa is kind.

and this one is definitely wishful thinking.

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MXR Stereo Chorus
New cables, regular and patch
Boss DD-3, Boss DD-6, or Digitech Hardwire DD-8 Delay
Korg Pitchblack

Hope Christmas is good to me.
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Ya, A/B.

I was gonna guess A/B... or a flashlight with all those LEDs
Hopefully I will see a new x2n for my razorback under the tree- took out the dimebucker and sold it for the new big muff pi with the wicker, didn't like the sound personally.
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dude....you paid 9 dollars for a footswitch!? what were you thinking? I get mine for like 4!
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Brett has been saving for a splawn for 4 years
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I really wish I could get a Line 6 GX but my family isn't rich so I don't know.
It's incredible how muddy my signal is through the mic in and I'm just getting sick and tired of not being able to do shit for recording my guitar or using my computer to it's potential for guitar effects and distortions.

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Well i just applied for a Job interview so i may be getting gear a lot more often now but:

I hope to get:

1) A Mesa preamp.

2) A Mac desktop computer
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D-activator X and Liquifire, by DiMarzio. Oh, and I need to pick up a noise gate too.
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