I bought a new guitar today, and as I was installing the strap locks the screw broke...while most of it is still inside the guitar. Does anyone have any ideas how to get the piece of crap out without cutting into the wood?

It's a 99 ESP Ex by the way...happy NGD
screw extracting tools,

needle nose like said,

epoxy hole and drill new hole right next to it,

hmm. i think that's all i've got

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If you have a tiny drill bit, you might not need special tools. Drill a little hole in the screw, epoxy in a bit of brass rod (from the hardware store), and wait for it to set. Then unscrew the whole shebang with a pair of really grippy pliers.

If you do it this way, you might not need to drill a new hole. If the hole is totally stripped (not just loose), you'll need to redrill. If it's just loose, I'd water down some wood glue to a milky consistency and dribble that in before you put in the new screw. Let it set overnight before you put any stress on it.

Watery wood glue is strong enough to help 'lock' the screw in place, but weak enough that you can still get the screw out later if you need to, without tearing up the wood.
You could dremel a slot in the bolt and unscrew it with a flathead.
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Needle-nose pliers and twisting?

Vise Grips would be a far superior tool as it will not slip
when you lock it into place. However, this will only work
if some of the screw is sticking out. It sounds like
his screw is deep into the wood.

When you say most of it, I stand with just needle nose pliers.
****When using this tool be sure to put the necessary towels to protect your axe"

If for whatever reason you still can't get it, theres nothing really good
you can do for your axe at that point. You would have to get
a hole saw bit with the dimensions little bigger than the screw
you put in. Then you would have to use "epoxy" and a wooden dowel
that you insert into the hole with expoxy letting it dry thus driving
the new screw into the slot.
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super glue a long screw to it and turn?
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