when i took my 6505 to my local tech i told him to do the biasing mod on it, he then went on to ask me how much mA current i want to my tubes, i asked him what the average is, and he said for 6l6GC's its about 60mA, when i was reading on the net a guy did the bias mod and was like "40mA is nice and hot" ... 60 is alot higher then that... which is correct? (im getting a retube with EH tubes)
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Cathode current readings are generally useless without knowing plate voltage.

I'll take a guess that he is reading a pair.
Assuming the amp is running, oh, 450v plate voltage (also a guess), 80 ma off one tube would be putting your tubes at 36 watts idle dissipation, which equals instant death.

If he's reading by the pair, 40ma each, that puts it around 18. Solid.
6L6GCs max out around 23.

Your tech should absolutely know the plate voltage already, and IMHO, should be taking individual cathode current readings.

Where the #$%^ did he get "60ma is average"?!?!

40ma is nice and hot at 500v

40ma is ice cold at 350v

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60 is the average. 40 is hot. Ergo, something like 80 is lame. Ask for 50.

Sense, this makes none.