One of the biggest difference, or you can say advantage, of human from other livings on the planet is that human is much more brilliant in making tools to make their life much better or easier. Some tools make us travel easier and faster, some make us communicate easier also some make you entertainment wherever we travel. From Walkman portable cassette player, Portable CD Walkmans and now the bestseller iPods, they make our spare time more enjoyable.
Someday I check the bestseller of one of the online retailers of MP3 player, Apple iPod dominate the competition. Apple iPod takes 9 of the top 10 sellings. Also I saw a survey of a forum, when people were asked which mp3 players to buy, iPod sweeps 59%.

So I ask myself that why iPod is so popular?

From Oct 23, 2001 the day when iPod unveiled to the world, it has dominated the portable audio market completely over the past few years. Sony and Microsoft can only struggle for surviving.

Let's see what make Apple iPod so popular.

1. Design
iPod is cooler and thinner than other MP3 players because Apple use outside-in perspective. This outside-in perspective helps determine a number of the components - battery, hard drive and circuit board - to be layered, one atop the next. The most attractive design is the click-wheel(iPod shuffle and touch do not have it). It has five buttons and people use it to perform menu, play, pause, next track, and previous track. Shuffle has a small control on the earphone cable and iPod touch uses a 3.5" touch screen in addition to a home button, sleep/wake button and (on the second and third generations of the iPod touch) volume-up and -down buttons.

2. Function
The latest iPod nano 5 has many functions including music, video, and podcast playback, as well as extras such as photos, calendar, games, alarms, stopwatch, contacts, notes, and clocks. If that weren't enough, Apple has upped the ante with an integrated pedometer, Genius Mix support, voice recording, a built-in speaker, video camera, and an FM radio.
Smart format function. If the iPod is formatted on a Mac OS X computer it uses the HFS+ file system format, which means you can use it as a boot disk for a Mac computer. If it is formatted on Windows, the FAT32 format is used.

3. Sound
If you want a better sound quality, the small white earphone is not enough. iPod has the best sound quality of MP3/4 players so just buy nice earphone that can deliver accurate sound.

4. HDD
The HDDs for the iPods are huge: Apple iPod classic has an 80GB HDD; the new Apple iPod nano has an 8/16GB HDD and Apple iPod Video has a 30GB hard drive. The king for now is the new Apple iPod classic with 160GB (holds up to 40,000 songs).
Of course you will find iPods with smaller hard disks like iPod nano (4GB, 2GB) and iPod shuffle with just 1GB.

5. Battery life
The iPod uses the latest lithium ion battery technology from the leading battery manufacturers, such as Sony and Sanyo. When new and fully charged, the battery provides up to 40 hours of battery life, depending on your model.

Each generation of iPod uses the latest technologies and has a cool face. They are very smart and really easy to enjoy. Everyone wants to have them. In 2001, Steve Jobs, the Apple CEO, said that you can put all your music collections in your pocket, but now, people also put video, movie, and even DVD movies on their iPods to watch.

With the popularity of the iPod, there are many iPod software appearing on the market, DVD to iPod Converter, iPod Video Converter, iPod Manager, even iPhone Ringtone Converter. and so on. iPod now is not only a MP3 player, but also a industry on the market.
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