Well, I'm looking to swap my cab for something abit different, I'm currently using a Hartke LH500 head (which I'm loving) & a Marshall VBC412, but the cab seems to be lacking something. I'm currently playing in a modern rock band (think Shinedown, Alter Bridge type music), but would like something that I could use in other types of music (but, as we all know, a good cab is a good cab).
The cab that I'm considering is a Hartke VX215 (http://www.reddogmusic.co.uk/Basses-...gin=googlebase), because to my mind, the 15" speakers should provide plenty of lows & low mid thumb, whilst the horn should give some nice top end to help cut through.
But, would this be a good choice of cab?
My current (well, current/future) setup before my amp is Dean Demonator bass (effectively an active Thunderbird)->Korg Pitchblack Tuner -> Dunlop Bass Crybaby -> Ashdown James LoMenzo Hyperdrive -> Blackstar HT-DistX -> DOD FX52 -> Boss NS-2 -> EHX Small Clone -> EHX Small Stone -> Hartke LH500
And, the general sound I'm after is abit of a mix between these tones (which I'm not too far from what I'm getting, just that something's not quite right)

Yep, I know that it's quite an odd selection of tones, but that's really the best way I can describe what that tone in my head is.
So, to sum up, is the Hartke VX215 a good choice of cab? Or is there something else that would be more likely to give me the sound I'm after?
Ah, The Marshall VBC412, a classic of guitar designs failing miserablely in the bass realm.

But anyways, Hartke makes really great gear, (I actually much prefer the VX series stuff my self, their silly aluminum cones have never done it for me).

I personally would probably go with 1x15" cab, and a 4x10" to go with it. The single 15 is still going to give you those great lows, and 4x10 cab is going do the highs and mids better but is still going to retain quite a bit of the lows just from the amount of area the 4 drivers make up. And it's going to be a heck of lot easier to move - that 2x15 cab is big, heavy SOB.