I'm a nice guy and a complete push over, so I've been roped into playing a few acousticy Christmas songs at a nursing home with a small group of people singing some carols.

Now I have two problems:
1) I am primarily a bassist, I do play a fair bit of guitar on the side but my skills are pretty limited. For the most part I strum along using mostly major and minor chords.

2) I am having trouble finding arangements for songs. Alot of what I've found has either been very complex (see problem '1'), has sounded really empty with just one guitar or they just don't seem to gel right when I play it (probably because it was written for the organ by some dead guy 200 years ago).

So I really just need a few Christmas songs that really loan themselves to the guitar. All help is appreciated.
funny this popped up just now. my husband and i were just finishing up practicing 6 songs to play at my mom's senior home. i don't see why you need arrangements unless you're playing fingerstyle and complex. will you be basically strumming? i'm making strummed recordings tomorrow for my husband to play with when i'm not here, and i could send them to you if it helps.
Last Christmas works really well since most of it is strumming chords, something along the lines of D, G, A or Bm or something. Joy to the World works too. Most of the tabs on here are single string playing. Since you're playing for a nursery they probably won't mind those either.
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