Hey... i know most people here don't give a damn.. but for the few who truley do...

Ok, so a kid from my town and 3 of his friends are doing a guitar hero marathon (where they play guitar hero nonstop for 4 days straight.

Why are they doing this? to get donations....

there are some very needy children here and he finally decided to step up and help them. I'm asking that you do the same.. please, go to this link:


and click "chip in" and donate a little.. even if it's 5$ or less... think of what they could buy these kids... i've already donated and plan to donate more when i have more...

So please... help out!
I'd love to Goober but I'm tapped right now. I'll give the thread a bump though.
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This is awesome what you/they are doing
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Thanks everyone... and I'm broke as hell too... I have about 60$ left to make it to class and work for 2 weeks... I live 11 miles (one way) to both... But I still donated 5$
Who is really benefiting? The needy children who may never see a dime of that money or the kids who get to play guitar hero for days straight.