I am 16 and I have no band.

That being said, I enjoy making music a lot.
So I mostly record myself on my computer.

My equipment (Yes, it is bad.):
-Schecter Damien 6
-Line 6 GX Audio Interface

However, I have to stick with MIDI, because I can never get my guitar tracks to be in sync, and the volume levels the same.

I know next to nothing about recording audio, so bear with me here.

I don't know whether to record myself and split the track at like every power chord, to record in a slower tempo and speed it up, to record each chord or power chord separately, etc.

Should I buy a DAW with audio quantization?
Is the problem just with me, like should I just practice keeping rhythm?

If anyone could give me any advice about normalizing/syncing audio tracks, I will love them forever.

Are you listening to the previous recording when you play? Speakers won't help. Get some good headphones, listen to the tracks you've already recorded, and get a metronome. That should help.

That being said, mixcraft is pretty worthless, so it might not be you.
you should buy a metronome and practice playign with that. also, when recording, its always a good idea to have a metronome running so you have something to go by, especially when youre alone.
My Gear:
Gibson Faded Flying V
"Dante's Inferno" Iceman
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 112

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I have a metronome, so I'm starting to think that it's me.
And yeah, Mixcraft is pretty bad, I know that.

But guitar riffs in songs are perfectly 100% in sync.
And mine sound nowhere near perfect if I split the tracks and try to do it myself.

Are there any guides online that would help me?