I am planning on buying an ESP F-50 real soon. My best friend has one and im in love with it. I was also planning on buying some EMG humbuckers for it. I have it narrowed down to 81/85 combo. Now I might know some about guitars but htis will be first real surgery on one. Plus I dont know if it maters which humbucker goes in which position. Will it just change the tone? Or what should I do 81 fret position and 85 bridge position? I NEED HELP!!!
Oh yeah. EMG's are the best choice for metal for a cheap guitar. It'll do well hiding the crappiness of the cheaper wood. Do 81 in bridge and 85 in neck. That's the standard.

Anyways, what amp do you play on? It's the thing that affects tone the most. You can play a crappy guitar on a good amp and it will sound better than a great guitar on a crappy amp.
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What amp do you have?
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Get a half-decent amp first.
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