Hey, Everyone,

I'm trying to choose between these two guitars for a throw-around, don't-really-give-a-damn about it piece. The two I'm choosing between are the Dead On '67 remake of the original Hornet and the '59 Double Cutaway, the remake (in a roundabout way) of Jimmy Page's live Kashmir guitar. I'm interested mainly in 60s Nugget's era garage and rockabilly. Im looking for some nice twangy tones in my playing and something that sounds great with extensive reverb. I've read much on the not-so-great tremelo of the 67, but I am a huge fan of the whammy bar and thus am leaning towards the '67 due to this feature. I think they both look awesome, and I'm not concerned about shape. Can anyone offer me some feedback on these two guitars and their experiences with them?

Thanks a ton!

-otto e mezzo
Well, if you want to compare them heads up they are pretty similar. I found the '67 to be more twangy in the neck but I preferred the '57. They both sound similar in the bridge position. Overall, I guess the '67 would be more 'twangy'.
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how would you compare the action on the two?

also, what do you think of the '67's tremelo/ questionable bridge?

or anything else you think would be helpful to know about the two

-otto e mezzo
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It's '59 or '63 with me when it comes to Dane guitars. So I guess the Kashmir is the way forward.
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