I finally decided to take a look at my guitar today and why it sounds "off". It sounds like the intonation is not right, although when I check it, it seems to be intonated correctly.

Now here is where im not sure what to think:

I have noticed that the problem goes away when I have a new set of strings on. I also noticed that when my cable is resting on my tremolo arm it goes away (because of the pressure on the arm makes it a tad sharp).

So why would making all of the strings a tad sharp or having new strings on make a difference?
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Well, having new strings definitely helps the intonation; old strings lose their ability to stay in tune properly.
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old stings become thinner in some places, so the gauge of the string is not even all the way along. That will make your intonation sound out.


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Only adjust ur intonation on new strings :-)
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your bridge needs to be balanced first.

make sure you adjust the springs in the trem cavity if the bridge is lifted.

after it's balanced then use the intonation screws to fine tune each string.

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