Does anyone know what this is? My band just got asked to play at a venue and they said all bands WILL backline all amps and cabinets.

Is it like miking an amp? Or something completly different?
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It probably just means you provide the backline amps and they provide the PA and monitors. Ring them to find out, it is more professional to sort the sound out in advance rather than waiting until it is too late so no-one will think anything of it.
It means using the amps for guitar/bass instead of using the PA to mic it. Surely if they were to mic you up they would tell you.

It's the "BACK LINE" so the row of amps at the back.
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basically they're telling you to bring anything you're gonna need on stage.
That's kind of an awkward use of language, but yeah, that sounds like what they mean.

Usually it goes like this:
"Bands are to provide their own backline." = Bring your own stuff. We'll mic it. (the PA is, effectively, the front line)


Band asks promoter...."Will there be a backline?" = Will we be playing through someone else's gear so we don't have to lug or own and change it all over?
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Backlining amps and cabinets means when you load in, everyone will but their amps and cabs on the stage. The last band will load in first, the band playing before them will but their's in front of their's, and so on. That way setting up flows quicker.
Aright. I did ask them but they didn't answer the question.
I had just never heard it said like that before so I was confused.
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chris is right, that's a f'n oddball way of saying it.

...me thinks they're just trying to sound cool throwing some jargon around, so just in case something goes wrong (on their end) they can say "hey, we spoke secret code language to you, why aren't you prepared?"
As GRisky and Chris have said, strange way of putting it - looks almost like the the club are trying excissively hard to sound pro.

To be honest, sounds to me like it means each band will use their own amps, but equally, it could be a really badly worded attempt at saying 'each band must use the house backline provided'....