alright so i usually sing through my guitar amp to start... I thought i was a pretty good singer, couldnt hit really high notes, but wasnt to bad... Anyways i recorded myself today and it sounded like shit, so much different then what i hear through my amp... Just sucks cuz i thought i was actually getting somewhere with singing and getting pretty damn good at it.. Anyways why do i hear myself different recorded then live with an amp on and just overall, how should i go about improving my singing?
Might just be the recording that's messing it. Did you try recording through the amp?

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It could simply be the recording equipment. If the equipment isn't up to par, the recording will suffer greatly.

It could also be the amp changing your tone for the better. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it could be the reason for the dramatic change.

Finally, it could just be your natural aversion to your own voice. I know many singers who absolutely cannot stand the sound of their own voice, myself included. I know you hear it with the guitar amp, but it's different when you're just listening.

Of course, there is the option that you really weren't as far along as you thought, which, to be honest, probably has something to do with it, but not to the extent that it makes you sound like total shit. I'm willing to bet it's more of one of the other things listed above.
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Well, your voice will sound *different* to you than to anyone else. Reason here: http://thebelcantotechnique.now-here-this.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=30&Itemid=30

However, if your voice sounds *bad*, then that probably means that your pitch is off, or at least your tone is severely lacking. These things are not dependent upon recording quality or the use of a PA. If you sound good when you sing, and record the result with your phone, for example, it will still sound like a recording of a good voice over the phone. The recording quality will be bad, but the performance will still be spot on.

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