This one was posted before....now it changed a lot...i changed the main riff...
so i guess its worth to be posted again...
i think the lyrics should be about life stuff...sad stuff....donno what do u think?
im ready for suggestion...harsh critisim is the most welcomed....
I do SERIOUS C4C of course....

arpege on Dmin-last.gp5
arpege on Dmin-last.gp4
arpege on Dmin-last.mid
Awesome melodies really. Great work man. It still sounds like nothing without bass. Also drums could be more creative. I like your solo. Pretty nice song, actually awesome, but you could make drums more creative and add more instruments to make it cooler.
Very nice, soothing song. Not much to crit here actually, it's great.
Like xbitmetal said, the bass should be filled out but I think you know that yourself too as you added a bass track.

One personal opinion though: when I was listening to the solo part I was "desperately" waiting for one or several bendings as bendings have a very strong emotional effect (for me at least) and this is one very emotional song. But this is just personal taste.
Jeez there's only so much i can criticize on a piece like this.

The only problems i had were that i felt you needed a bit more variation in the drums. Keep the same feel, but just different patterns here and there.

My other problem was that i felt the riff at 18 didn't need to be repeated three times. Twice is enough. ... Unles you added a bit of variation in the third repeat. Nothing drastic, but just a little something so you could tell theres a difference.

Other than that, i thought it was perfect. Your solo fit amazingly, and i'm not usually a fan of solos. I also loved your chords. I've never had a chance to learn much about chord structure.

Keep up the good work!
AYE! if you LOVE