FFX-2 tribute!

Verse 1

Your face to mine,
I look deep into your eyes,
I’m filled with hate,
For what the world did to us,
They tore us apart,
I live on, but you are gone,
This isn’t right at all.
I want to show my fury,
I want to avenge you.
You didn’t say those words
That we spoke so often,
Through our lives,
And we promised each other,
Everything would be all right,
But it’s filled with lies.

Verse 2

Death is something to think off,
When I think about it, I took those
Things for granted,
I see your shadow silhouette,
It drives me crazy.
I know I might never find you,
But our heartbeats remain the same.
If I don’t follow the path
I was meant to go,
Does it mean that you will stay?
Together forever with me.

(pre chorus)

All I want to do is shout,
Release my fury and inner anger.
I want to show the world
What has come for me,
I want to shout out that I love you.
I know I might never find you,
But that doesn’t mean we two are apart,
I can feel your breathe, through mine.


Darkness is clinging to my ever breathe
I take, Your words are only fake,
I take my anger towards the world,
I’m confused by the rapid movements
Inside my memories,
I know I still can feel.
And it’s a happy feeling inside of me.
I know that I might never find you.

Verse 3

I used to adore your lies, faces
Melting towards me.
I can feel our hearts intertwine,
Together we two become one,
But who knows.
You might never been real.
What’s this all about, I want to shout
It out loud.
I reach for your hand,
You’re slipping away every second.
Tears fall down my eyes.


Though I might never find you,
It’s my destiny that I want to leave
I’ve threw all those things away
From my mind,
But you’re still too far away from my sight,
I know you might never cope these
Feelings of love.
But I know the fact that it’s us…


Together… We will stand here forever…
Our love grows stronger, every moment…
But you’re gone and I’ll always know it…
I fall a last tear for you…
To show my love to you…
Your avenge makes me sad…
I want to grab you hand in hand…
Good job on writing this, but some things i think u could improve on...

I couldn't really find a flow to your verses, so work on making it flow better. And i wanted to point out that i really liked how u rhymed fake and take in the chorus line, but then towards the end it kinda lost flow again.

Hopefully that's helpful!
K, i'll think about those things. And about the flow, I wrote this so it would fit with melody(this doesn't usually happen at all, i write lyric first usually). and thanks for comment