Hello, I just joined here, been using the site for tabs for a while though.
I havnt been playing for too long, and I am attempting to tech my self, i'm slowley getting better, but you will have to excuse me if I sound like a noob at times. My axe is a satellite les paul copy, its been in the family since it was got new back in the 70's and maybe its seen better days but still sounds great. I'm into classic rock and alt rock but I will give anything a listen. Thats about all I can think of saying for now. so I look foward to seeing you on the forums
hey man welcome!
feel free to repost your post in the First post? Want to introduce yourself and say hi? Come on in! :D thread
and as always, make sure to read up on and refer to the Rules and the New Members FAQ before posting a thread anywhere with a question about the site, since it may have already been answered!
and never hesitate to use the search tool!

for your love of music, you might enjoy the classic rock forum, the modern rock forum, or the alt & indie forum! just make sure to read any stickied thread and announcements located at the top of the forum page, as they may contain the specific rules of those forums.
and the guitar techniques forums is always useful for any guitar player, no matter their playing level.

enjoy your stay here man, have fun!
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