Okay, So my audition is probably gonna me sometime in late January or Feburary because my teacher will send my UCAS off by tomorrow or so.

So what song should I learn?

Please don't BOTHER saying Jazz. Don't get me wrong, I appriciate Jazz but im using www.guitarbackingtracks.com and it doesnt contain jazz songs, unless you can tell me where i can find a backing track and tab for a jazz song.

So I was thinking maybe YYZ by Rush?
Arpeggios from hell.
Do it.
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Since its university, anything by Radiohead will suffice.

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Okay, So my audition is probably gonna me sometime in late January or Feburary because my teacher will send my UCAS off by tomorrow or so.

Okay wow I totally missed this part the first time around. You'll want to stay away from rock music. They'll appreciate (and dare I say looking for) classical/jazz/maybe blues.
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Since it's guitarbackingtracks.com, Smells Like Teen Spirit will suffice.
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thats a bit out of my range

You won't be accepted. Universities train with a classical and theoretical approach. If you really need a tab you won't get accepted.
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can you audition with a rock song? how does college stuff work?

I posted this before I saw your post, but hopefully it helps explain.

You COULD learn something like that (YYZ), but generally that does not fit among standard repertoire.
I'm sorry, but Jazz and Classical guitar is generally what Universities expect, considering generally that's what they teach as well. (I learn primarily Classical technique, but I'm a jazz player at heart, so in my lessons after working on some piece of classical rep to fit a requirement we work on improv)

Althouh, depending on the school, they very well may appreciate something different.

When I did my audition I played Czardas (an arrangement by Chet Atkins). I did not have any accompaniment (though it is supposed to).
and Lenny by SRV

So I had something a bit more in standard Rep (Czardas), and something that showed a bit more of what I usually do.

Go figure, now I normally play things like Czardas and I play less stuff like blues.

Although, there are some schools that will accept anything, in which case you want to learn something that just proves what you're capable of, such as YYZ.
Although remember, you don't need a backing track.

Most players go in without an accompaniment, so don't let that limit you.

It doenst matter if it sounds a bit empty because you're the only one playing. When most people audition, it sounds empty.
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