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I am looking for your thoughts on buying a new distortion/overdrive , I currently use a gibson SG standard, coley custom sg/phantom cross (like a high end hot rodded gibson sg with seymour duncans) or an 84' hamer phantom into a laney GH100L head (then into a laney gs412IS) . For effects I have a boss gt-10, but prefer to use stomp boxes ie vox wah, boss mt2 etc (the gt10 may well be sold soon)..,, but for the drive channel I don't think the GT10 or boss mt2 are right for me, I play progressive rock and metal, and am wanting something that can be heavy yet still keeps a warm tone. I find the gt10 distortions sound a little fake to me and the mt2 is almost on its way out... so what do I get next??
Ive been looking at things like sansamp GT2, Krank distortus maximus, metal muff (and if money was no object mesa boogie v-twin).. I get the feeling the metal muff is gonna be similar to the mt2, but what about the other 2?? and is there anything thats possibly better??
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also try an mxr fullbore metal pedal. we tried it at work and it got a lot of love from us distortion snobs.
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so are you looking for a distortion pedal to run through your amps clean channel? or something to improve your amp's dirty channel?
If you want to go through you amps clean channel go for a line 6 PodXT were as it is not a stompbox it has great dist. sounds. If you want to run it through your amps dirty channel, go old school get a tubescreamer.
well the gh100l is a single channel amp, so I would be looking to run through the clean. If I'd have been bright I should of saved that little more and picked up a VH100L... mxr fullbore metal pedal I'll google that in a sec.... Oh I should add, the kinda sounds the band has can be anything from metallica style rhythms, through to opeth at full tilt, but also sometimes a kinda tool jam.... I think basically I'm trying to say I need something quite flexible..lol
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Have you looked at the DigiTech HardWire TL-2 Distortion pedal? thats a pretty solid pedal.
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Under $100: Modtone Extreme Metal or Digitech HardWire TL-2.
Over $100: Blackstar HT-DISTX.

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Under $100: Modtone Extreme Metal or Digitech HardWire TL-2.
Over $100: Blackstar HT-DISTX.


Not /thread. There are other options out there.

TS: Look into the Fullbore Metal, as Greg said. The Hardwire TL-2 is worth looking into as well, although I'm not a fan of it.

For old school Metallica check out a ProCo Rat or try to find an old Boss DF-2.
I quite like the idea of the Blackstar HT Series HT-DUAL.... although Ive read up on all suggested so far, and I think every one seems to have something to offer, I'm not sure how accessible playin through each one is going to be though as there is not really any great shops where I live, I think I gotta read as many reviews and get as much feedback as possible and take a plunge..... what is the verdict on the sansamp GT2 or Krank distortus, should these be dropped off my list now??
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The pedals I'd suggest:

Digitech Hardwire TL-2
Tech 21 Sansamp GT-2
Blackstar HT-DIST-X
Radial Tonebone Hot British
TC Electronic Nova Drive