I have a 75w Peavey VYPYR and im having an issue when i use its USB port to record. Whenever im playing for about 45 seconds it starts sounding fuzzy and distorted when i play it back on my computer. It does it to me when i use FL Studio 8 and also the ReValver Program that came with the amp. Has anyone else had this issue and how can i possibly fix it?
Hmm I also have the 75 and I dont get this problem with the USB out. But what I do is record with Sound Forge and then import the clips into FL Studio, so maybe try recording with an external program.
Thanks, ill look for a trial and hopefully it fixes my problem
I think it either has to do with the USB Cable im using or my soundcard, idk =/

I found a trail of the Sound Forge program so im waiting for it to install then ill post if it fixed my problem.

EDIT - My VYPYR isnt coming up in Sound Forge and i was googleing around and found another forum of people saying they have the same problem and some said it was a USB issue and they just went to were they bought it from and got it replaced, if thats the case im pretty much SOL since i live in Florida and bought it North Carolina

On a good note, apparently you can record using the headphone jack into the mic port of the pc

EDIT 2 - Somehow my amp works flawlessly now and in FLStudio it comes up as VYPYR USB Interface, im guessing that it was a driver it installed or something, idk but it works now for me

Thanks for all the help, now off to record something
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