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around 0C (32F)
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I just Google "Elephant penis", and was strangely aroused.

Apparently, I'm a good shitter

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jonne.i just took the best dump I ever seen
like 30ish in the day
philippiness ****.
get your hands out your pockets and your finger on the trigger
let one fly
we don't die
we multiply
throw your set up in the sky.
30F with windchill of 20F.....
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9°C / 48°F (Paris, France). No clouds for the whole day, but the sun sets at 4:55 (which was 15 minutes ago local time by the way), it sucks.

"L'esclave parfait est celui qui croit être libre."

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9°C / 48°F (Paris, France). No clouds for the whole day, but the sun sets at 4:55 (which was 15 minutes ago local time by the way), it sucks.

That's kinda cool
I wish the sun would set earlier here.
18 degrees F, -7.2 C.

Seattle WA.

i guess Miami is having a record heat today. they said 46 out of 50 states have been hit by this storm, so im guessing that the 4 are Alaska, Hawaii, Arizona, and Florida. but i cba to google it.
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No, you don't. It screws up your entire night. The sun sets at like 4:30 here, and it just makes the night last forever.

This. I'm dying for endless summer evenings every time we get around this time of the year, it just feels like being Batman. In a bad way.

"L'esclave parfait est celui qui croit être libre."

bout 6-8 C in the day, 3-4 C at night.
Pretty mild so far. No frost whatsoever
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gotta love minnesota's winter

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The sun sets at like 4:30 here

i hate it.
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So much down syndrome

remember UG Community? thought so.
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-6 F.... I hate living on the 6th biggest campus in the usa. I just love 25 minute walks to class

Feed my eyes, can you sew them shut?
Jesus christ, deny your maker
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Feed my eyes now youve sewn them shut

Gotta love the classic Minnesota weather...
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-4 degrees I think. Scotland.
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Which is annoying, cos I'm a girl and I like cock.

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Remember this. Remember the summer. Whatever you do. Don't forget.
28°C but that's just because it was raining untill a few hours ago, it will most likely get to 30°C once the sun comes out.

God, I hate this place.
No muerde, no calla
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Nada ni nadie
De nada más

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