I'm not sure what pedal I should get. My laney AOR is a beast with distortion, but can't help but want a overdrive/ distortion pedal.

I'm not sure what to get. I already have a wah, chorus, and flange pedal.

I play wolfmother, motley crue, yngwie, red hot chilli peppers, joe satch, skid row etc...

Anyone suggest something for me? Thanks

P.s. I shall be getting a Dimarzio chopper for xmas I hope so no pickup suggestions please thanks !
Line 6 Distortion modeler would cover all your bases.

If you don't want to spend that much, then you could always go with a tried-and-true Boss pedal. I also like the Jeckyl & Hyde and the ProCo Rat, if you want something a bit different.
Hi, I'm Peter
You may wanna look into a nice delay. Delay can always spice up your lead tone and give you a fuller sound.

You say you want an OD or distortion? Are you looking for a different distortion tone or are you just wanting to tighten up/add a bit more grit to your existing tone?
^ A compressor is common place with heavy distortion. You could also use an EQ pedal or a clean boost.
Hi, I'm Peter
I currently have a J&H, Rat, Eng Muff'n, and a Russian Big Muff on my pedal board. All of them offer something a little different.
Hmm. I just want to build my pedal board up at this point.

I'd like a distortion pedal, but would I use it enough when I have my fat AOR amp?

I like the thought of a delay pedal.

I just want something right now to boost the volume, tone, and overall sound of my solo's
Compressor is always a good idea,can add boost to.
I use a boss OD-3 overdrive,gives a lovely deep distortion,but that said its distortion is pretty mild unless mixed with another pedal or used through a dirty amp channel.
Delay pedals are great,not just delays,but slap backs and chorus effects,the only question is,digital or analogue
Yeah man. Ill look at a compressor too

I really like the EHX Memory Toy and Memory Boy! But I just bought a second hand chorus pedal and would feel like I wasted it as there is chorus on these pedals I believe?