Arranging cups and saucers
Knives and forks of the best kind
For the guests are not paupers
Or so they say so in their minds

They come now with iron smiles
Bought at Jenner's lovely store
Murmur stops, in single file
They're my defenders once more

"How're you? How're the kids?"
Kids are fine, but you don't care
Only care's your selfish bid
To wear the clothes I wear

Guests seated with plastic eyes
I gloat at them from the gloom
My lover shares the despise
We watch the vultures consume

I turn to her, assure her
This is for the best
To keep our heads above water
To meet the aristocrats test

I think about that night now
We were really just the same
Iron smiles or displeased frowns
We have ourselves to blame.
Call me Batman.