Should all 2008/2009 les paul standards have gold plated pots under they're transparent covers.Ive seen one with black/silicon pots.
The guitar is-
Gibson les paul standard heritage cherry 2009(08 model)
Asemetrical neck
Grover locking tuners
Plek'd frets
Locking jack plate

Thinking of buying this guitar so any info would be gratefull
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I don't think they all have the gold plated pots. I don't remember seeing them on all the 08 standards I played, though I wasn't paying that much attention to the pots.

For what it's worth, I haven't seen any fakes of the 08 standards. That's not to say that they don't exist, but if a company's faking Gibsons, it's a whole lot easier to fake something like the traditional that doesn't have all the unique stuff like the transparent cavity cover and asymmetrical neck and locking tuners, which are pretty easy to spot and much more expensive to fake.
Thanks for the feed back,looks like gibson ran out of gold plated pots so stuck in whatever they had available,kind of defeats the purpose of see through cover plates.still a great sounding guitar though.
Thanks again.