Last night i was trying to download a "MIDI to MP3" converter and I downloaded one with a keygen included.
That keygen was in fact a virus that I don't know what is doing but my antivirus tells me this:

The antivirus made a complete scan and it detected 203 viruses, I deleted them but nothing happened
I made system restore to the day before the download but nothing happened
Can enybody help me?
That will learn you not to download stuff ileagally. Your computer (PC Thread?) is doomed.
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Boot into safe mode and use Malwarebytes.


Can be got here



Yep, this sounds liek you've got computer HIV. Try feeding it some tylenol to prevent it from turning into computer AIDS.
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Oh kids and their illegal downloading...amateur illegal downloading.

Try other software. Ad-aware has always saved my old PC. Or do what I did and switch to a Mac.
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Lol Std
Srs Technological Disease
What is a wimp like you doing in a place like this?
So, is there actually any signs of a virus or did your anti-virus just say there was a virus? When you torrent keygens 90% of the time anti-spyware or whatever calls a clean keygen a virus, something to do with the files in them, when they are in fact, not viruses.
Every Key gen I've ever downloaded has been recognised as a virus. It could be coincidental that your PC is infected, as chances are the keygen isn't a virus. That being said, if you don't know where it came from, who knows...

Oh and boot up in safe mode once you have a way of removing the malware and run that software. Safe mode should prevent the viruses from running.

EDIT: Oh and if you want a midi to MP3 converter, why not use Audacity. It's safe and FREE!!!
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Thank you all guys, finally the message is gone and Malawarebytes deleted the viruses
And thanks for the Audacity suggestion