well, I've been wondering for ages what is this technique call and how to do it. Basically, it's just when you hold down 1 note and with some vibrato of some sorts (either tremolo or usual vibrato), the note gradually increase in pitch and then reach a high sound as if you use pinch harmonics on the note.

I figure it is some kind of artificial harmonics but never really get to know to do it. The only way I can pull out something like that is vibrato on the 9th fret of the B string, but that's not always effective. Some can anybody tell me what this is and how to do it also ?

Satch use this technique in the song Love Thing, check it out at 0:49


Thank you in advance
Like at the start of Foxy Lady?

I'm guessing it's feedback.

EDIT: That's exactly what it is.
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Yeah, he means feedback
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quick vibrato on the tremolo bar, no real trick here other than that i think
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Yeah, he means feedback

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Just letting the note ring out with some feedback and using the whammy bar. Not really a "technique".
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Make sure your mids are up though. i got a 5 minute pinch harmonic with a bunch of feedback, and thats the longest ive ever gotten
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but how is getting feedback when he isnt gtting closer to the amp or nothin?
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but how is getting feedback when he isnt gtting closer to the amp or nothin?

Its all in the technique.
Well What you can do besides feedback is put your finger on the octaved note of the note your currently playing. Now in English Tap harmonic as you do vibrato.
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I've been asking this for a while (also for love thing incidentally) but i figured out how to do it.

As mentioned above, it's simply feedback. However, you need plenty of channel volume, good bass range and mids and a fair bit of treble. Hit the note you want, angle the guitar towards the amp or speaker and you need to position yourself at a certain position of the soundwave (known as a 'node', check some physics notes for more detail).

The effect of this is that the sound waves resonates at the same frequency as the string, causing the string to continuously vibrate, effectively creating an everlasting note.

It's important to keep the other strings muted when you do this, and make sure that you don't accidentally touch the string you're trying to get feedback on. Of course, you can still use the vibrato bar or create vibrato from your fingers to get the best expression out of the note.

Think that's pretty much everything. Any other problems, drop me a line.
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