Anyone know any flexible 10 guage strings. I want the heaviness of the 10s but absolute sh*t comes out when I play.
Maybe myfingers strengthening but for now any suggestions?
try 9-46... they have the lightness of 9s at the top, and the heaviness of the 10s on the bottom.. the best of both world.
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what kind of guitar are you using
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Best feeling strings I've ever used.
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what kind of guitar are you using

This. Depending on your scale length you may wish to go with a lighter gauge.

But honestly, in the end strings are strings, a 10 gauge is a 10 gauge. There isn't going to be one brand that is more flexible than another (unless the you're comparing nickle strings to steel strings - then they will have different properties).
i agree with stonyman, 9-46 should be good for you. but really, practice bending, 10's shouldn't be that difficult

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