It's got the most value for money than pretty much any cab I know.

The retail price of two V30's is more expensive than that cab.
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I have the G112 the 1x12 inch And its really good and it only cost me 60 € so that one is probably even better
that one has much better speakers in it
from what it seems like it's a great deal
i'm looking into getting it myself:P
definately a good choice if your own a budget
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Guyz Im not getting money too quick, its not flowing in from the windows.
So I thought if I first bought a G112 and a 333XL head. The 112 will cost very little and I dont think its a loss if it goes wrong. Then afterwoods I would buy a good 212.

So what 212 would be recommended? Is the G212 Vintage any good compared to the around 4-500e costing 212s? so should I just now buy the g212 V and not upgrade that to a higher level 212, would it be worth upgrading?