Chances are I'm making a trip to Denmark street in the Christmas holidays. I want to pick up bass, as I have done for a while, what shops are there t ocheck out? I'm not gonna blow about a grand on gear, just like enough for beginner gear. Just needa reminder on what to check out in my price range and what shops are good there..

I'm specifically looking out for a GSR 200, a Squier Standard Jazz, and the rest on an amp (I'd say around £300 for both).

What should I look out for?
Ive only been there once but, all of them apart from rockers really.

I suppose youve never been there before? It really doesnt take too long to browse everything. The shop almost completely the opposite side of the road to rockers is I think... the bass cellar? bass centre? but yeah, that one was very good.

Its quite hard to find a good deal down there though. The only good deals I saw were on a couple 12 string acoustics and used stomp boxes.

Online might be your best bet if you know what your after and your on a tight budget.

And yeah, rockers was terrible when I went in there, they really were assholes. Have a look in there for yourself.
rose morris is fairly good. theyve got two shops tho, u gotta go to the one with the bassment. bass cellar is the bass speciallist shop.
Bass cellar is good, that's where I bought my ATK
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Get the amp before the bass, and make sure it's over 100w.

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