and yes, it has a lot of wierd lines and flow problems but if people could help me by suggesting small changes that would be rly gd cheers, i also have no idea what its about i just wote some words one day and a verse appeared and then i kinda just improvised the rest with no real meaning and then somehow the chorus didnt turn out to bad i dont think. Also, i had no idea about the title its the first thing i thought of.

you knew to exploit my fears
to release blood and my tears,
to keep teasing death, she never appears
same old story, same five years

id be richer in wealth if you depart
but sickness stole my health at the start
you said to love and cherish my heart
but youre ripping it out, til death do us part

i'll leave when pain is exerted
you'll never leave me converted
to a twisted wreck, perverted
im nothing but a victim deserted


these words are but sequential
you made me the wasted potential,
this song wont be confidential
and ****, hate is conditional
Peavey Valveking 212

Ibanez S520EX in grey