I have a fender tele, and i just got it for the first time in a while.

Im not sure if its fret buzz, but when ever I strum, it sounds like the nut is vibrating or something up top is loose. Im pretty sure its fret buzz though.

I tried adjusting the neck (tightening and loosening) and it still sounds horrible.

Also, the nut is pretty messed up, my g string slips out if it is strummed hard enough. (no pun intended ), so that might be the problem.

I have no idea if its fret buzz or the nut...any ideas?
Does it occur when you play open notes aswell?
If it does it's not fret buzz.
Seems to be a nut problem then.
I would advice taking it to a professional and ask for an opinion.
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Your Truss rod is a very important adjustment.
you could actually have a stripped truss rod
where it doesn't actually move the rod.

Examine your neck, is it straight?

you also may need to slot your nut to accommodate your strings

Thats all I can gather from your info
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The neck is pretty straight

I tried tightening and loosening the truss rod and the vibrating persists

How exactly do you slot the nut?