For whom the bell tolls by metallica is somewhat easy, if your bassist is up to it anyway.
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ok ug so were starting a band we need some easy songs to learn that are rock or metal
Give an example of what kind of music you guys/girls are into.

Here's some good, easy songs to play as a band.
Stone Temple Pilots - Plush, Interstate Love Song, Dead and Bloated
Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love, The Ocean, Immigrant Song, Communication Breakdown
Black Sabbath - Paranoid, War Pigs, Fairies wear Boots, Children of the Grave
Metallica - Seek and Destroy, Four Horsemen, Jump in The Fire, Motorbreath
Megadeth Symphony of Destruction, Skin O' my Teeth, Tornado of Souls

Though I wouldn't really consider Megadeth easy to play as a band, I'd recommend trying some if you're up for a challenge. These 3 songs i'd consider the easiest for band because they mostly deal with power chords and don't have any real complicated sections that would keep your band from getting through them, except for your lead player, if you have one, and a few little drum rolls that can be replaced with something simpler if the drummer wishes to. Just play without the leads if you guys have to at first. These or most any Megadeth song will definitely help get you pretty tight as a group if you have aspirations of playing some complicated music in the future.
were into stp and post grunge and greenday and stuff not to much metal im gonna be the lead guitarist im pretty advanced not super but anyways the drums been playin for a yr the other guitarist is only 6 months in