Is it possible for me to get a fairly cheap SS poweramp to use with my AC4TV's speaker out so I can use it gigging? Would poweramps be able to take that load normally, are there some specially designed for it?

Given I wouldn't need to amplify it much(40w would only be twice as loud etc.) it shouldn't really be that big a deal.
that would blow up the power amp. you'll have to buy three different things if you want this to work:

-load box/attenuator that has line out
-power amp

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However i dont think going pre-amp -> power-amp -> power-amp is good for your amp. You'd probably have to buy a load box, or get an effects loop installed into your vox ac4.

Mic up, buy a bigger amp, or a 2x12 to push more air.
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I can't really afford a bigger amp unfortunately. I'm surprised there isn't something designed for boosting the signal.
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power amps a designes to power the preamp of your amp, which is very low power. running even a 5 watt amps through a power amp without a load box would fry the power amp and your head, in all likelyhood.
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Some power amps might be able to handle that much input, but you'd definitely fry the vox.

You need a load box to take the signal from the vox down to line level before you can run it through a power amp. I assume if you're gigging you've got a PA; you can get a load box and run the output from that to the PA, or just mic the amp.