okay, i have a '69 Reissue Tele. it's semi-hollow, and trebly as hell even whilst using the neck pickup, is there possibly a pickup replacement that could make it a little less.. aggressive and trebly? preferably single-coil as i don't want to hack up a beautiful guitar haha. or is there perhaps another way to go about reducing the trebbliness of it? yes, i've already tried modifying my rig settings to reduce treble and boost bass a bit, but it's to no avail. all opinions and help greatly appreciated
The 69 thinlines use 1meg pots for tone and volume, that will DEFFINATELY contribute to the trebelyness (I should know, my jag uses 1 meg pots :p

Dropping them down the 500k will take some of the highs away and still leave it sounding a little thinline-y, but 250k is the standard pot value for regular teles if you want it that way.

Much cheaper than buying new pups. You could probably pick up a new pair of pots for 5$ each on ebay.

You can also halve the value of your current pots (to 500k) by adding a 1meg resistor in parallell to the pots.

This of course requires basic soldering skills.