I'm looking to expand my input options for recording drums on my Fast Track Ultra.

Since the Fast Track Ultra only has 4 preamps, am I able to buy a preamp such as this and hook it up to one of the line ins on the back of the FTU using a 1/4 inch instrument cable? I'm unsure how all of that works. If that would work, could you please recommend some affordable but decent sounding preamps? Thanks
Yeah that will work fine
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you would need a 1/4" TRS cable for that but yes, and also you may want to shop around I bought that same preamp new from music123.com for like 20 bucks
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They are different models but they look similar, and the less expensive one has the VU meter on it. anyways, how do you like it so far? is it even worth getting for a project studio recording demos?
That preamp will add a lot of noise to your signal. It will give gain, but you will also raise the noise floor a bit. I would recommend something a bit higher end. The Bluetube and TubePre from Presonus are better quality.
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that won't work you need to find another mic pre that can go spidif. which will give you 1 more channel. or just get an 8pre

could you recommend any? I'm not very familiar with a lot of this stuff. I'd just like another input or two so I can mic drums better, although I can get a pretty decent sound with just the 4 inputs.
Dont go for the FP10 or Firepod at this point, just spend a little extra and go for the newer Firestudio Project. Reason being is the chipset is newer and they are able to make stable drivers more easily for this interface. I'm stuck with the FP10 myself however I may sell it off as they are taking forever on W7 drivers and even the current drivers are not working too well.

Also the M-Audio interface has line inputs but be sure you can use them while using the 4 inputs on the front of the device as sometimes it will select one or the other, not both.

I would say upgrade the interface to something like the Firestudio Project or the MOTU 8Pre.

As for the preamp you are looking at, it's going to work but add some noise as it's low end....probably similar to the on board preamps on the interface.
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I probably should have mentioned that my computer doesn't have a firewire port. I've got the unibody macbook, the line of computers where they skimped out on the firewire. Otherwise I would have gone for one of the Presonus or MOTU interfaces.

I was just wondering if I could use a single or dual channel preamp with my interface (and how to connect it to the interface) so I would have an extra mic input when recording drums. I'm not considering buying anything right away because I'm going to Guitar Center for studio monitor shopping tomorrow (probably gonna get the KRK RP5s), but I like to plan things out in advance. Thanks for all your responses though, could have been very helpful but the lack of firewire seems to have ****ed me over.
Well there are a few USB mixers out there that will take more than 4 mic inputs however I do know they mix everything down to a single stereo track when sending down to the computer so you may want to look into that.

Firewire is the way to go these days when it comes to audio and video as you can send so many tracks of audio down the line without mixing down. You may want to look into a new computer eventually...
Yeah I'm definitely going to get a new computer but that won't be for another 4 years or so, after I graduate college, have a job and my own place to live. What I have now works, I would just like one or two more inputs to get room/ambient sound when miking drums. I got the monitors the other day so I'm set with that, but I figure I should treat my rooms and save up my cash before I get anything else.
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that won't work you need to find another mic pre that can go spidif. which will give you 1 more channel. or just get an 8pre

Pretty sure spdif with another interface will give you two more channels.