now i have to close an advertisement everytime I search/load a page or want a tab and dare I rollover the wrong place because then I'm stuck in advertisment hell!

WTF UG??? What a bunch of CRAP!

Edit; ...Apparently IE too? What browser are you running TS?

Firefox + AdBlock FTW.

Edit; \/ Opensource five!


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Now every time I open the Pit I have to wade through threads that belong in Site Feedback



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Yeah you've been here for a few months.
Stop acting like you knew the moderators when they were children.

That's the best time to 'know' them.

If by 'know', you mean... you all know where that's going, right?
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Firefox + AdBlock FTW.
Seriously. I'm getting sick of these threads. Everyone who doesn't use Firefox: Go to this site and click "Download Firefox." You will no longer have any of these problems.
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