Basicly, I have been looking to upgrade my guitar, I have a ESP LTD M-100FM and I'm looking into getting a PRS SE Custom 24, And after having a look on the internet found it for about £430-£450, which I thought was fair. I headed down to my local guitar shop to ask if they could order one in, And they quoted me £570 :S

He told me this was because PRS has recently jacked up all their prices, which is news to me, and according to the website this guitar has now been discontiued, So I want to pick one up fast.

Just wondering really, Why is this stuff so much cheaper on the internet, and am I going to get screwed over for taking the cheaper option? Was looking at DV247 to order it from, they seem alright. Any opinions for anyone who has ordered their before?

Thanks in advance.
Since its discontinued shops will want to discount it to get rid of it ... u need to be hunting around for it in shops in ur local area so u can bargain it down some more.

Stuff is usually cheaper off the net because a proportion of ur money is not going to the dude who sold it to you ....
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I'm thinking off getting a PRS SE Custom 24 as well
But at my local store its £430
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Was looking at DV247 to order it from, they seem alright. Any opinions for anyone who has ordered their before?

Thanks in advance.

I brought a bass off digital village, ordering through one of their stores and they didn't even bother checking it was set up well.
And since alot of their stuff is kept in a warehouse for however long it's not nessacarily going to be.

Doesn't mean it will apply to your case of course, and I couldn't comment on the guitar.

But they do usually have good cheap prices on DV
Obviously, there's less overhead and cost when you buy online as it cuts out a lot of the cost of storefront merchandizing, but you also have to add the cost of shipping for larger items so when you factor that in it starts to level out.

I think GC will match any major reputable online dealers price and the lower end gear is about the same hit or miss if you buy online or from them... the difference is that at GC you can spot it before you buy it or take it home and set it up and return it right away if it's a lemon...and when it comes to local mom and pop shops you will never get the kind of service you get from them from GC or online sites.
Thanks for everyones comments.

I would go bargining it down, But I don't have many local shops near me, And the one I go to has a 15% discount for music students, which still works out at 490ish

Yeah I'm not bothered about if the guitars got the action a bit out or something, I can get that sorted, Just really don't wanna pay that much for a mid-range guitar :S

Wish we had guitar centre in england It would make this all easyer
Digital Village are ok - their customer service has been pretty good when I've used them. They are more of a call centre than a shop though, although you can go visit them and they will get stuff in for you to try. If you can get to one of them and they are much cheaper I'd phone them and ask them to get one in, then you can try it and make sure its perfect, and get em to set it up if it needs it