so i got my sanpera pedal and i dont know how to get the pedal to wah mode
i read the manual and i still cant mabye i read wrong or something but can some one do a step by step showing how to get to wah from volume
You probably wanna check out Peavey's forums...if you google The Whammy Bar and Grille you should find it. They have a whole thread dedicated to the sanpera pedals.

Hope that helps
It's best to have the pedal on a soild surface (not carpet) and step firmly on toe end of the pedal. You'll feel it click and you'll be in wah mode. If you check out the thread on the forum the guy above me pointed out they tell you about a screw inside the pedal that you can adjust to make it easier. I'm pretty sure it has pics too.
omg thank you very much
i will try becasue i have to step on that thing like i'm trying to dent a hole in a car to get it in to AUX mode
I cant really find a forum that says how to chance the screwing for the pedal
so if u find one could you link me ?
Open the pedal up. It's just a few screws, no warranty sticker, just dont touch anything else inside. Adjust this bolt (unscrew a bit, then test it). Make small adjustments cause it doesn't take much to make a big change. You can taylor it to the ammount of pressure you want. Some from the factory are simply way off. Warning though, if you unscrew it too much then it will be too easy to activate. Which is also undesirable.
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