Hi I have a budget of around £100, I can go a little over by maybe £20 but that's about it.

i'm looking for an all round decent codensor mic that suited for acoustic guitar and vocals, thanks, any help is appreciated.
I've had great experiences with my Golden Age FC1 MKII mic. They're from Sweden, and I bought mine in the states for $99 so I can imagine they're also available wherever you are for a similarly low price.

www.myspace.com/kriscambria <- all vocals and acoustic guitars miced with the GA. The acoustics were also recorded with a Dean Markley pickup and the two sounds were mixed together slightly on some tracks, so keep that in mind.
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check out the Audio Technica AT2020. it's a pretty good all around mic in that range.
Thanks for the replies, I could only really find the technica in UK shops so I think I'll read a few reviews on that and if all is well, I'll buy one, thanks.