Hi, I'm looking for my second acoustic guitar but I really want an electro-acoustic because it would be useful towards my music GCSE coursework and performance. Also I plan to be doing small performances in school. I have done one already with a mic up to my regular acoustic and I didn't like the sound much.

I like the look of this one : http://www.imuso.co.uk/Acoustic-Guitars/17301-/Vintage-VE900MH-Mahogany-Grand-Auditorium-Electro-Acoustic-Guitar

I have seen it played in one of the local music shops and have had a go on it myself, It sounded really nice plugged in and unplugged.

Anyway, Worth it or not?
For that price you should look for solid top guitar.
all solid tanglewood 115. I haven't tried it, so can't comment its sound or quality.

You should also check our Yamaha F series. You can get solid top F series guitar for less than 200£. I bought one as a starter guitar and It still is a wonderful guitar.

If you can increase your budget little bit you should consider Alvarez md60.
but scippy, he's looking for an acoustic electric...

IndentedFingers, if you're on a very tight budget and you like how this guitar felt and sounded, that's the bottom line. as far as being worth it, it's low in price, so if it plays well and has at least average quality hardware, it's worth it. i haven't actually tried one, but this crafter guitar would be more my style http://www.imuso.co.uk/Acoustic-Guitars/6965-/Crafter-TC-035-N-Electro-Acoustic-Guitar with its solid englemann top, rosewood back and sides, what looks like a comfortable shape, although the nut is too narrow for me. but i've heard good things overall about crafter - sort of the seagull of the uk.

out of curiosity, are you partially interested in the guitar because of its particular shape and the mahogany top?
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No, not just for the shape and mahogany. I mean it does look nice but i'd prefer something practical. I have very small hands and it has a nice neck width. I thought it was quite plain actually. By the way, I'm a girl (:
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