This might be a strange question but... I am starting to record stuff and I lack the gear. I want an SM57 and some sort of cheaper interface.

I have a JamMan, and I want to know if it could be used as a decent substitute for a budget USB interface until I could obtain one. Meaning, if I ran an SM57 into the mic input, and then used it to mic my cabinet (I have a 5150), would it obtain a decent sound?

Would you recommend I buy an interface first and continue using the VST amp sims, or plug an SM57 into a looper and record a good sounding amp, and then just usb it into my computer?

I'm just assuming that the looper has a better input then a computer's sound card, and wondering if its enough to even out.

I apologize if this is utterly retarded.
You would get way better quality plugging it in through your jamman into your PC though I would still recommend getting an interface in the near future.
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