So I just started liking spicy foods and all. Decided to make some hot and spicy homemade chili. Went ahead and chopped up the jalapeno peppers dumped some in the pot of chili and proceeded to the washroom where I took a piss.

About a minute later I started feeling a weird sensation on the tip of my dick. Then it started to burn and I was like WTF! I dint wash my hands after chooping the jalapenos so it must of gotten on my dick when I was peeing! lol How do I make the pain go away? I even dipped my dick in a bowl of milk and it still burns! help!

Also when is the best time to put jalapenos in a pot of cooking chili? Right away or the last hour or so of cooking time?
Sounds like a real... dick move.
^^^This embodies the pit in one post
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wtf r u say make no sensical

Cold shower my boy.
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I'm perfectly capable of rating my own poo, I don't need a website to help me. I've devised strict criteria based on texture, smell, ease of passing and numerous other factors. It's even colour-coded.

putting Ben-gay on it helps a lot with the burn. It's chemical structure is designed to fight off capsaiasin (spelling?), the chemical that makes spiciness in foods. That's why it's so good for a muscle rub, it takes off the burning sensation after you exersize.
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Next time use a soldering iron.
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